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Authorized Reseller FAQ's

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What information should I have available for the Authorization?

Be prepared to provide the following:

  • First and Last Name - Must be owner, officer or authorized company signatory as it will appear as the signatory name on the executed Agreement & applicable Addendums
  • Creation of a User Name for your company that cannot be changed
  • Creation of a Password that can be changed
  • Primary Email Address and two additional Email Addresses to be used for all critical CamelBak email business communications.
  • Primary Company Telephone number to be used as the search key for inquiries into the validation of your Authorization status (Distributors will use this tool to validate Authorization status of Indirect Dealers)
  • Primary Company Website URL (if applicable)
  • Company legal name – correct spelling is important
  • Company DBA(s) – accuracy and correct spelling are important as this is the Company Name we will use for our End User Dealer locator
  • Primary Company headquarters/corporate/legal address
  • Business contacts including owners, officers, purchasing, marketing, training, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Additional company details, Internet activity (if applicable), business, training and marketing information


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